Style Updates

Some of the hottest trends for Winter:

Women's Color

Brown is the new blonde, and we're going to start seeing more lowlights.

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Women's Hairstyles

The bob continues to be hot as the weather cools. This is a versatile, almost universally flattering look that can be varied to suit almost any style, face shape, and personality. Create a unique funky hairstyle by coloring bangs or highlights and streaks to sections for soft effects.

Concave Bob

This hairstyle was inspired by Victoria Beckham. It features long side bangs on one side, and is cut with a razor to create lots of defined texture and extra wispy ends.

Inverted Bob

The key to the inverted bob is to cut your hair short in the back, and keep it long in the front. This way, you have the look of both short and medium length hair. It's also a great look for those who want to go short, but aren't ready for a drastic change.

Curly Bob

Natural curly hair can have a bob hairstyle, define curls with layers for a popular tousled look. Texture can work wonders when you want to work with your curls and volume.


Long hair with added pieces and wigs extensions keeps long hair sexy and everlasting.

Men's Hairstyles

Anything goes with men's hairstyles this season. Men with shaved heads are still hot, with the latest trend of adding facial hair.


Not every head needs to be covered with hair to look good. Extremely short, very choppy and highly textured is what's hot this season.

Medium Length

For those who opt for medium length hair, a new hairstyle that is catching on is the messier look--purposely messy, that is. The point is not to look like you rolled out of bed without looking in the mirror and combing your hair, but to allow for your hair to fall more randomly.


Long, relaxed hairstyle exudes a carefree attitude and is easily manageable as it requires nothing more than a good combing after a shower.

The newest way to wear long hair is with lots of texture and long layers, especially around the perimeter of the hairline.

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